5. February – New! No Pigeonholes Radio On edition by Don Campau

We love and respect our Radio On collaborators, that is for sure. Nonetheless, if we were all in a room, I would have asked you to raise from your seat and give a warm welcome to Don Campau.

Don is one of the very legends of the West Coast independent community radio world. He started his career in 1971 and now after more then forty years he is still at the very edge of contemporary non academic music. Anything odd, wild, experimental, rare, made at home, put on a tape, a record or a cd/r and send through the post to Don’s home in Santa Rosa will find a place in his show.


Don hosts several shows, one of them in Occidental, an amazingly typical far west little town amidst the woods, and yet a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.


I mention this, because I wanted to show how unpretentious and easy-going his approach is. Here he guides Elbert “Big Man” Howard through his first program for KOWS. Elbert Howard is one of the founding members of the Black Panthers.


The non pigeonholes radio show is a result of his direct involvement with the cassette culture, the vast network of home-produced cassette exchangers that anticipated the internet, its social networks and the whole shabam of netlabels and free downloadable musicians. An attempt to archive the movement is in his Living Archive of Underground Music.


We are very proud to announce the first of No Pigeonholes programs that Don will produce exclusively for Radio On.

The first edition of No Pigeonholes, Radio On edit will be broadcasted on Wednesday 5. February at 23:00 Berlin time, 14:00 Santa Rosa (Ca) time.

The Playlist!
artist/title/ album/ label-source

The Tiptons/ Kickamar/ Tiny Lower Case/ Sowie Sound CD
The Tiptons/ All Good Things/ Tiny Lower Case/ Sowie Sound CD
Amy Denio/ Come To Us Now/ Prodigal Light/ Spoot CD
Amy Denio/ Root Dance/ Prodigal Light/ Spoot CD
The Tiptons/ Slide Over Baby/ Strange Flower/ —CD
Amy Denio/ Salvatore/ Tutto Bene/ Spoot CD
Amy Denio/ Career Change/ No Bones/ Spoot cassette
UFO Hawaii/ The End Of The Road/ Framus/—mp3
Limpid Green/ Shut Eye Train/ The Bush Willie/—CD
Census Of Hallucinations/ UFO Over Penrith/ Coming Of The Unicorn/ Stone Premonitions CD
Michael Vlatkovich Quartet/ Breathing Pyramid Cyclotron…/ Multitudes Telepathic/ pfMentum CD
Fluid/ Disrupting The Ghost/ Duality/ Alrealon CD
Ellen Burr-Michael Unruh/ #4/ Where Am I From Where Am I Going/ pfMentum CD
Cornell Kinderknecht & Martin McCall/ Dragonfly/ Dreamtime/ —CD
Ken Moore/ Radius Of Capture/ To Come Into Being/ Anvil Creations CD

Stations that broadcast No Pigeonholes:

KKUP Edition> 2nd and 4th Sundays 3-5 PM, on KKUP, 91.5FM if you are around.

European Edition> broadcast twice monthly by Radio Marabu throughout continental Europe ( and archived for the internet).

KWTF Edition> Streaming at KWTF> community radio for Sonoma County California.

No Pigeonholes EXP> broadcast and streamed live on KOWS-FM ( 1st, 3rd, 5th Thursdays 6-8 PM Pacific Time. KOWS> all experimental music.

How to submit your music

podcasts of past No Pigeonholes
podcasts of past No Pigeonholes EXP

And as it goes with great guys like Don, I am very proud I have met him and was on his show.