The Wirebender presents Coolness in my Foolishness

This show is in three parts.

Firstly DJ smart monkey finds a DJ re-digging some of the artists gathered on the “Night jungalists “tour of Japan tracks playing Audio Active
kick the bong around Dry and heavy mix via Beat records
Love wise Dubwise from the Mighty Massa
Children of the Night Little Tempo Kedaco sounds
Citizen Zombie Universe crew on Green Tea Records

simon 3

The second part of the show features a live recording from the Amersham arms celebrating the life and works of Robert Deller.

Alternative TV aka ATV
Mark Perry, the man behind the legendary Sniffin’ Glue fanzine, formed the group either due to or as a response to punk in 1977. Since the debut ‘How Much Longer’ 7″ released that very same year, Mark has remained the sole surviving original member and still highly motivated driving force. Not one to stand still, he has taken the group through a succession of lineup changes embarking on a wide spectrum of styles since then; including the blend of igneous rock bludgeon and amalgamation of stripped electronics that informs the fantastic ‘Dark Places’ 12″ e.p. on Fourth Dimension from April 2018. Whilst awaiting the new album, Perry has overseen the reissue of 1979’s ‘Scars On Sunday’ (on FD subsidiary Winter Hill Recordings and out in May 2019), plus the group are contributing a track to the limited edition 10″ due to be released to coincide with the label event in November.

simon 2

The third part of the show are exclusive dub mixes from our friends from Brighton Rubber bus.
Back In 1996 Rubber Bus styled itself as a Brighton-based “dub-dance-ambient-chill” band. Today, its resumed activities centre around producing dub remixes at the Riker’s Libido Studio in Sussex, UK.

Rubber Bus began life circa 1993 as Pounding System – named after the Dub Syndicate albums, demonstrated a move towards dance music in tracks such as Take It Easy and Spaceman, thanks to the recruitment of Sample Si, on loan from Mandragora. Around this time, after performing at a private party organised by Camberwell Art College Student Union, bassist Jah Wobble departed, allowing Chris Cross and Saul Yarg to share bass and guitar duties. Trumpet and melodica player Inches Hovis left soon after, followed by Martin Preston. An alternative mix of one of the songs, See You Down – compilation Music For Coffeeshops
By summer 1996, the group had gained Soma Shamanoid from The Divine Soma Experience/ Shamenoid on keyboards, Leonard Major Fanthorp – guest musicians including Lucy B [Mojo Filter] on vocals, flautist Sasha, and trumpeter Antonius Caesar. Matt F and Mystic Warrior produced dub mixes of some of the material; the style of the results referencing Rubber Bus’ stated influences of Adrian Sherwood, Mad Professor and Lee Perry.
At this pivotal moment, Chris Cross disappeared while travelling in a mountainous region of Austria. This tragic event stalled the planned release of Take It Easy and signaled the eventual demise of the band.
A new line-up of Rubber Bus featuring Church Of Al on bass and a returning Rev. Martin P. Prestatyn played their last live concerts through to the end of 1996 and into 1997 culminating in their final performance at The Out There Festival in Gorron, Normandy on 28th July 1997 on the Turbo Unit Stage. Since then, Saul Yarg remains the sole member, although his activities – until very recently – have been sporadic at best over the subsequent years.


text compiled by The Wirebender.