Dai Coelacanth -Crime Boot Rumble

One of the surprises to wait for is the sound that leaks through. Dai records over commercial cassettes. The other surprise to wait for is the way he treats or maltreats his walkman. Noises recorded at random places and spoken fragments from a sci-fi book for children are the other ingredients. But, as always, you, the listener, are the cook.

In Dai’s words

I think your seeds are dead. Crocodiles in the lake all they want is a cup of coffee and some love. Keep away from the edge. It’s a long way down. The Shemp was wearing a wig. A purple thing. Went all the way to the floor. Must have cost a bomb. I met her at the bus stop. I was just a runner. Handing over documents. Nancy had decided to put a hit on the Alphabet Man. He had gotten too big for his boots. A spell in the afterlife would do him good.