Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – Cottage Cheese

Guitars and rhythm, an old boy’s network, a visit to another planet, Elvis and Vampira.

Berlin is boiling.

Berlin is bleeding.

Time for some cottage cheese and a visit to a lake. Transistor radio is blaring. Currywurst fumes and topless girls. Beer bellies and wet dogs running around. Those were the days:

1. Histatic Charge – Why Do I Always Hafta Do The Dishes?
2. Endzeitgeneration – First Earth, Then Space
3. Don Campau & Robin O’Brien – Magical Mile
new very personal DC interview

4. Viktimized Karcass – Loaded Man
zillions of facts about Harsh Reality, original Karcass label

5. Fumihiro Okaniwa & Toshiyuki Hiraoka – Untitled
Toshiyuki today
1-5 from virtual MC compilation – An M&E Tribute To The Great Tape Labels, The Various Artists Who Ran Them – download for free: – produced by Mick Magic


6. Vampira And Satan s Cheerleaders – Tribute To Elvis – vinyl single
>>> Vampira Links
> A trailer made for DVD documentary on the ’50s late-night TV hostess, Maila Murmi
> The Vampira Show – rare 1954 television clips

> THE VAMPIRA SHOW – “The Ghost Hostess With The Mostess” (1954-1955)
> Plan 9 From Outer Space (black and white)( 1959)


> Plan 9 From Outer Space (Colorized) (1959)

> The Vampira chronicles


7. HoBILLY – My old Flame don’t light my fire anymore – CD – HoBILLY

8. Tim Jones – Mental Metal People
9. Tim Jones – Chatter-H
10.Tim Jones – Running in the Rat Race
8-10 CD – Chatter-H

11. UNIT – Duck In Eclipse – ep – in hoc signo vinces
12. UNIT – Johnson’s Jackdaws – ep – a chest of chaffinces

Andy Martin (UNIT) interview


13. Moon Men – Moon Men Luv Dance
14. Moon Men – Animatter Handsake
13/14 CD – Unforgetable Space Probe

15. Wipeout – Game Over – digital EP – Songs For Androids

compiled and presented by Lord Litter.