Alan Dunn & John Hyatt – The Ballad of Ray and Julie

A couple of tapes in a shoebox found on the street, it might as well have the point of departure for The Ballad of Ray and Julie. But it was not. Graffitti was, and a brick wall, and an empty space somewhere in town. The story is: something once was, and maybe still is, or could have been, and people were involved. The result is a reconstruction in various forms. There wouldnot have been a result without the involvement of knowledge. “Life is solving problems” said Karl Popper. I forgot if he said something about a state of mind while solving those problems, knowing that you’re going to succeed.

Fabric Districy - RAY + JULIE

Alan’s words and links:

Liverpool launch of the Fabric District Festival 2019: This Social Fabric.

John Hyatt’s Club BIG presents…

Exclusive mix by Alan Dunn from a live recording of John Hyatt’s Club BIG on 7 June 2019 at the Fabric District Festival in Liverpool, UK. The Festival featured a new book and exhibition, ‘The Ballad of RAY + JULIE’, documenting 23 years of Alan Dunn and Brigitte Jurack’s cult Liverpool Fabric District public artwork. This mix includes ‘RAY + JULIE’ spoken word by Andrew Taylor, Jeff Young & Aisling Leyne; interspersed by the world premiere of tracks from her album, ‘No Such Thing’, by Ruby Tingle (with Dirty Freud) shortly before appearing at Glastonbury; and concluding with radical improvisations by MIMOIDS, featuring Seymour Clearly, singing John Hyatt’s lyrics to ‘Radio Bikini’ by The Three Johns.”

Ray + Julie, cover story