Cozmic Onion Lunch Time Radio vol.19 with Ainize Sarasola

Our resident cook Taishi Nagasaki is all ready to cook and have lunch with his guest in a kitchen somewhere in Berlin. Taishi’s own patchwork of portraits of mainly Berlin residents will be enriched to day by a spanish filmmker.

In Taishi’s words (by now you should be able to hear him actually say this)

“Hello, its already vol.19 !!
This week, I invited my nice spanish artist friend,Ainize!

She is going to talk about her films!yey!

Her name is Ainize Sarasola Ugartemendia,She studied fine arts.
What I mostly did almost until now is paintings,drawings and collage.
But two years ago she decided to change her media from painting to films.This is her first film Tarot Night.

Tarot Night trailer

Tarot Night is a science fiction film about two girls who meet on a saturday night to have beers and do the tarot cards.


Now she,and her friends,are working for a new cinematographic project called The News,this has 3 parts and the 1st part will hopefully be released in a month or so,she is also doing some music and short videos

The News