Dai Coelacanth – Radiators of the Grub Pocket

Do you need compost. Suzi could not answer truthfully. In the next scene Mr Lee plants a devil bat in your brain. I keep a screwdriver in the porch. Tony stands up stumbles falls over gasping and clawing at the floor. Mole Thirteen fades out. I like your armour plating but your eyes are dead. The house backed onto the river kids had smashed the fence up. You know what comes next you get plugged with a spicy number a real lounge hit very relaxing laid back and moody it eats the flesh off your bones but not your actual flesh. The colours are magnificent however on the worm planet all broadcasts are monochrome. Spider fingers or Witch business. Sold all the furniture to the builders next door. The Nurse in room 13 mumbled in her sleep. Shoes don’t fit. At the Library Daphne hides in the toilet sharpening her razors on a small piece of Moon rock. She hadn’t been to the Hairdressers in an age.