Modulisme#8 – André Stordeur

Our session was kindly assembled by Michael Stordeur, son of the composer and shall pave the way to his label documenting the « lost works » of André…We are PROUD to offer 2 powerful live recorded 40 years ago , as well as a composition for Tablas & Electronics + a little lullaby to pack it up. … Continue reading Modulisme#8 – André Stordeur

Modulisme #7 – Kevin Rix

Everything on the track was recorded with a Buchla 200e system in one take. I hit record with nothing patched in and started performing as I patched. As Todd Barton says: “follow the sound.” To me that means “follow the emotion” and “follow the story.” I believe that’s what Todd does in his compositions. I … Continue reading Modulisme #7 – Kevin Rix

Modulisme #4 – Doug Lynner

"I performed this special concert live in my studio in one pass on the morning of September 4, 2019 after patching the instruments the previous day.I performed it on the Mystery Serge (an original paperface Serge), a modern Eurorack Serge realization by Elby Designs, and, a Cyndutries Zeroscillator.I don’t dream of systems. I work with … Continue reading Modulisme #4 – Doug Lynner