Gaspare Sammartano introduces Canti Magnetici

Canti Magnetici is a small label from Italy. It releases mainly cassettes. Here’s the catalogue.

According to the label’s page Canti Magnetici focuses on the research, through anomalous sounds, words and images, in the fields of natural and cultural phenomena, states of being and sciences. It might be worth at least one hour of talking to find out more.

Upon our request Gaspare Sammartano, who runs the label, has compiled a selection of sounds and recordings and musical tracks.

In his words:
In the first part our attention is emphasized towards the totality of the sound, it could be concrete, mechanical, field recorded, related to nature and everything that surrounds us. However in the second part you’ll find the more musical, intimate and spiritual side of Canti Magnetici.


Part I

Joshua Bonnetta – Low Islands
Gaspare Sammartano – Punta Rondinella (unreleased)
Luca Garino – The Woodcarver
Mark Vernon – 9 Strips of Time Cut to Size (unreleased)

Part II

Michéle Bokanowski – La Plage (I)
Giovanni Di Domenico – ISASOLO! (Part III)
kNN – Vernacolaria
Danny Clay & Greg Gorlen – Brittle II
Andrea Penso – AdInivisibilia (unreleased)


Slavina copy
The remains of a tree after the passage of an avalanche
this winter at about 100 meters from Andrea Penso’s’s house in northern Italy

(picture by Andrea Penso)


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