Interview with Dmytro in Kiev and Alexei in Moscow, after the Crimea annexation

A week ago we had our last interview with Dmytro. At that point Russia had invaded Crimea. One week later the annexation of Crimea is just a formal matter.


An interview with our friends in Moscow and in Kiev. They talked about the civil preparation for war in Kiev; the Russian media; the difficult situation of Crimea; the repercussions for Crimeans now they have to face Russian law; the messianic backgrounds of the Russian Eurasian ideology; the situation in Donetz and Kharkiv; the real influence of the Right Sector; the sanctions.

Monday 17. March we connect live. 22:00 Berlin time (-4 to -8 for the America’s) (+1 to +10 east of border). Further re-broadcasts will be announced in the twitbar.