well this was a sudden party in the middle of may – we had an unexpected guest from abroad after seeing no foreigners for a long time – that’s a weird feeling by the way, i feel like i start to forget there are some countries, where people don’t speak russian and don’t listen to crystal castles – what’s wrong with them anyway – so it was such an unusual experience to see someone from abroad suddenly on the kitchen, like we are totally behind new iron curtain – maybe it is so by the way, but who cares, nevermind

so we decided to make a party dedicated to daniel coming to play some gigs via our friend’s invitation – after that we showed him some crystal castles and went to sleep and they headed to the territory we cannot name for several days and someone, let’s not point – decided by the way to borrow my tent and leave it in the hall to dry it and it was stolen of course – totally irresponsible! while they were away we called the following outstanding brilliant world-saving team line-up and found out one of invited participants had a birthday the day we planned an event, so it became ::vtol::’s birthday party

and in the very beginning it was intended to be a studio-benefit party, because our roof was broken and the weather was rainy so we had water running down the walls with electric wires and on the middle floor mushrooms started growing from the ceiling and they looked suspicious really like small psylocibe mexicana or something, i even posted that picture, so we were going to raise some donation but got only two people donating because we lost somewhere the donation box during the party because of some special state of mind and we raised an amount of approximately 35 euro which was exactly how much we paid for the stuff we put on the roof – but that was only the beginning

but what kind of beginning, it’s been like two months ago or something and i still feel dizzy when i remember that moment – we had to lift a bit a big metal frame which is on the very top of the roof, like reels around the tower – so my professional friend who helped to do all the stuff was on acid or after it and didn’t think it would be dangerous, but that thing fall down from the level we lifted it to and moved a bit so one of the corners was already in the air and another was 1-2 cm far from dragging us both down and falling into the yard where some people were doing something about 9 floors lower

so when we realized it and moved it back i felt like i was almost dead and so on anyway i got distracted – i remember it was a nice evening, feels like it was so long ago – since that time we had some construction works we were hoping to finish by the next party, but we did not, but had a party anyway and hope to finish everything this week before the next upcoming event

line up timing was a bit different from the order on the recording because some acts took place at the same time on different floors

part II


‘Ossdislessnessia’ first time improvised set from Egor Gusev and Ossia

Fesikl Mikensky + 8 Hz + NeNe