Lord Litter’s Radio On Show, episode 8 ( – Refugees – )

Here, this new LL show defines a moment in time. Watch your headlines. Take some scissors, cut them out and put them in a box. Seal the box and open it in twenty years. You might be looking at a moment in history.


Word to LL.

> Statement ………This show is especially inspired by / dedicated to Charles Chaplin (brought back to my attention by *Z*), Mr. Spock, who had a very strong influence on me since I was a child, the musicians sending their music to me not for promotion but to share and to each and everyone who just sees the human being .. no colors .. no borders …  I’m so sick and tired of what I see all around at the moment .. it is disgusting…thanks to everyone who is working on *something different* .. unite …Lord Litter – september 2015







LITTER Legend …………..

1. Czeslaw Niemen – Planeta Ziemia – LP – Katharsis –

2. Z – The ghosts of yesteryear
3. Z – Epilogue Unite
CD – Real Life Never Stops

December 27, 1957 - Elvis Presley, poses with his house guests, Kathy Gabriel, 19, left, and Hanneri Melcher, 20, in Memphis. Melcher, Miss Austria 1957, met Elvis in Las Vegas in November 1957, and visited Graceland at Christmas time with her roommate, 1957's Miss Ohio, Kathy Gabriel as they were on their way to New York. Elvis had just received news of a 60-day draft extension to March 20. (Robert Williams/The Commercial Appeal )

4. Nadine Maria Schmidt – Aluna, meine Mutter war ein Fluechtling – online / forthcomming release / video  –

LITTER Legend ……………
5. Leonard Nimoy – Spock Thoughts – CD – Spaced Out Leonard Nimoy / William Shatner –
>> Leonard Nimoy@TheRealNimoy .. last words on Twitter 08:36 – 23 Feb 2015 “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP” –







6.  Art Of The Memory Palace – Waalhaven – CD – This Life is but a passing Dream –  –

7.  Daniel Barbiero / Christiano Bocci – Gli alberi, a gennaio -  CD – Nostos (Greek for returning home) –


LIVE at Vorsicht Volk ……..

8. Svarta Stugan – End Titles – EP CD 1 –
>> Vorsicht Volk!  2015 September 26. – Zukunft Ostkreuz, Laskerstr. 5, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain – “celebrating” 25 years of a united Germany with debates -  movies – readings – live music ..

9. Le-Thanh Ho – Gift – CD – Elephant  – Auch ich bin Deutschland …all the colors of Germany…

10. Gambian Preacher – Please don’t judge me (caus Im a refugee) – – Please don´t Judge Me Video

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