LORD LITTER’S RADIO ON SHOW # 9 ( Hallucinating Berlin )

A rather awkward show by LL this time, not because there is something wrong with the music, far from that, but it seems…well, it starts of with visitors from The Netherlands, and Germany had some funny Dutch visitors in the past from Jopie Heesters and Rudi Carrell to Silvie VanderVaart, and they all spoke this weird kind of German that was full of wind; it sounded a bit like they just realised they had put on somebody else’s dirty underwear.

So this Trespasser guy starts talking about Marlène and Leni and rolls a sigaret. A puff and another puff and isn’t that Marlene who just entered the bar. Bloody hell, is that me in the mirror. No it is clearly the image of London, a singing nose and gaucho’s in the Underground.

No, no, Joe would never have accepted this kind of piano playing in his combat years. Hang on, got to go to the bathroom. Loud music from pink girls; hey lipstick on the edge of the toilet. Clean and flush, but the flush don’t stop and water pours out of the sink. Plastic ducks one after the other pop up from the water closet, Adamant.

Close your eyes, close your eyes, a murder scene, very far away…better to open my eyes, now.

In bed, in a room under a roof, a little window and a view on an endless night..space, the final frontier


>>> TRESPASSERS W …………………..

1. Trespassers W – Maliefield
2. Trespassers W – Berlin, Berlin
.. from LP – One Sided Love Affair

3. Trespassers W – Riefenstahl
.. from LP – 5,4,3,2,1,…..0



>>> SCOTT WALKER ……………………

4. Scott Walker – The Seventh Seal
.. from CD – Scott 4

5. Scott Walker – Jesse
.. from CD – the Drift


>>> ALVARO ………………………..

6. Alvaro – Latino Americana
. from re_leased LP – Drinkin My Own Sperm

7. Alvaro – Honey
.. from to come LP re_release – mums milk not powder

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>>> MICK MAGIC …………………….

8. Magic Moments ATT – Squashed Elephant
9. Magic Moments ATT – Us Weirdos Gotta Stick Together
10.The Charles – Strawman


>>> PETER THOMAS ……………………

11. Peter Thomas Sound Orchester – Love in Space

.. from re_released limited Special Edition LP .. signed and with booklet .. still available!!!

This 180g vinyl is limited with 1000 items, they are  signed by the composer Peter Thomas and the longplay contains a very interesting 8-pages  log book (Bordbuch) with original notes of Peter Thomas and many pictures of the movie.

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