Don Campau – No Pigeonholes from Voodoo Man to Sterile Women

As boxes full of tapes from Don’s archive continue to be shipped to Zeppelin City in the very south of Germany, he bumps into ever more rare works. In this show he presents an ecclectic mix of music and non-music that was released on tape, of which single cassettes were sent all over the globe.

If you want to have an idea of how many labels produce tapes nowadays then check this blog, scroll down to the bottom and mind that not all tape labels are listed here. The collection of tapes at staalplaat shop give another impression of where the pioneers of the cassette culture have brought us.


Voodoo Man/ Urge Disorder/ Ugly Shades Of You And Me/—cassette 1990 USA
Minstrohl/ ? / Mindstrohl Finds The Dimensional Gate/—cassette 1991 USA
Fink-McCandless-Parker/ Song Of The Bavarian Illuminati/ Crisis In America Music Vol 5/—cassette 1986 USA

Miles Long/ ?/ Magnetic Particle Sculptures/—cassette 1987 USA
Peter Stenshoel/ God Rest/ The 20th Century Christmas Draws To A Close/—cassette 1995 USA
Todd Barton/ side One/ Shih Ho/ Meditation Environments/—cassette 1986? USA

Grace/ side one/ Grace/—cassette 1992? USA
DL Myers/ Oxygen/ Electronic Guitar/—cassette 1985 USA
Bill Price/ Squeezing Light/ Squeezing Light/—cassette 1989 USA

Sue Doe/ side one/ Soundslab 89/—cassette 1989 USA
Dave Clark-Walter Drake/ Caverna Industriala/ The Tibetan Books Of Heads…/ —cassette 1988 USA
Undercurrent/ side 2/ Functionally Illegitimate/—cassette 1990 USA

John Wiggins/ Whirl Without End/ Whirl Without End/—cassette 1988 USA
Sterile Women’s Icy Majesty/ Lake Trophet/ Helot/- JS Labs cassette 1988

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The No Pigeonholes radio show is a result of Don’s direct involvement with the cassette culture, the vast network of home-produced cassette exchangers that anticipated the internet, its social networks and the whole shabam of netlabels and free downloadable musicians. An attempt to archive the movement is in his Living Archive of Underground Music.

Stations that broadcast No Pigeonholes:

KKUP Edition> 2nd and 4th Sundays 3-5 PM, on KKUP, 91.5FM if you are around.

European Edition> broadcast twice monthly by Radio Marabu throughout continental Europe ( and archived for the internet).

KWTF Edition> Streaming at KWTF> community radio for Sonoma County California.

No Pigeonholes EXP> broadcast and streamed live on KOWS-FM ( 1st, 3rd, 5th Thursdays 6-8 PM Pacific Time. KOWS> all experimental music.

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