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so it’s about the HIDDEN HOOK – it was our intervention in saint-petersburg after some time – maybe since quarantine party on rogan born’s flat?.. not sure anyway it was still very cold – and it is still cold now, 2 month after – can you believe it? i read recently that in canada, which is considered to be northern country, most people live on the longitude of russia’s most southern regions – it was in an anthropologist’s interview, where he claimed life here is hard – well, who knows so we tried to set up a gig at a place, where we did it a year before (strange tradition to go to the north in february), it was in some literally underground place called культурный рейв run by a guy called егор нулевой, who appeared to be not-widely-known counter-cultural writer, who mainly focused on drugs as far as i can see from a book i got a couple of days ago from tala (it’s called ‘utopian pharmacology’)

– but for unknown reasons he was dead by the time we started to search for the place, right after the book was published – strange enough, but that’s the way it is that was a long road i would tell you, but long story short – we made a party together with крюк community in a semi-secret place near the train station, where hundred years ago lenin used to say some stuff on some revolutionary event or somethingthat day on a flea market i bought for 200rur a bit broken table-top cd player, that changed my life completely, you can hear it on all my future releases and performances that day also was supposed to be the day, when a new electro-haram would be born (does someone remember? it used to have it’s own show on radio on berlin…),

it was supposed to be completely free of old members and include only the last person to be accepted as a part of the collective, also known as DRK BLK – she is depicted on single called ‘hur’ in her usual outfit – but for some reason our negotiations about this went some wrong way and led us to consuming some banana bread containing some de-organizing agents – and electro-haram re-birth was postponed and suspended, but instead a new star was born –

on the morning after the negotiation day vera was supposed to come to the place, where we left what remained from electro-haram and banana bread – and when she came early in the morning she didn’t get the thing about the bread and ate a lot, having almost close-to-death experience and after resurrection was reborn in two days as Barkali and joined the lineup with a first performance under that name and probably the first naked performance (sometimes wearing a big blach plastic garbage bag – was it an ecological statement? something feminist? we don’t know.

but as for me i think it’s always ok when a non-male noise artist is playing naked and as for me personally i am ok with naked male noise artists as well, but i know it’s a kind of conventional that nothing is worse than male noise artist except for the naked male noise artist). after this she would make an arrangement to set up another noise gig with papa srapa there, which was supposed to be a week ago from now, but the day before the event they got a call about police planning to come this day (nice of them to tell in advance),

so they had to cancel it and didn’t go to petersburg and made a secret gig at our place, and that’s another story yet to be told it was also the first performance of djsickfuck in saint-petersburg and probably the first by New sound system, which was Marble, Theo HL and Лучанский on saxophone so the order of performances was the following, but it had to be cut in 3 parts and part 1 was combined with part 3 so it would fit the timelines better, so the second part contains dolphine hospital and подозрительный предмет, and 1+3 contains the rest



Drone Liberation Front

Dolphin Hospital (was misspelled as ‘dolphine’)

Подозрительный Предмет

New Sound System


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