Wassily Bosch – Anonymous stories from deep Russia

So we tried to make a piece of content of a new kind – and we did not succeed at all – we did our best speaking about general stuff doing our best to make a radio show not about nazlo records – but apparently there is nothing else we shall speak about according to universe – we used a mixind deck I didn’t know very well and for some reason everything was recorded not the way it was supposed to be, even the opposite – but that’s probably a good thing –

I guess I would rather continue to mix our current and future tracks with random people’s voice messages and pieces of small talk. Also there was another nice thing about universe sending signals – for a long time now I am living in a big apartment in the center shared with other guys and probably the nicest and weirdest thing about it was the location – it’s on the 7th floor and doesn’t have an elevator – so not many guests and no cops of course – and I was saying all the time I am going to leave when the elevator starts working (it was installed as long ago as 3-4 years, about the time I moved in and was out of order since that time)

– and then recently we started experiencing different troubles, our relations inside the residency partly went sour and suddenly a guy I know said he rented a big flat in awful condition and was going to repair everything himself and make some stuff in that flat – but by accident connected to illegal stimulators consumption he broke his leg and thus invited me to join him – and I decided that’s a nice start (maybe I will die there repairing something, if so – remember me young, honest and responcible for all the stupid things I do) and only after deciding to move and starting the repairing process they turned the elevator on!

Also we are having a lot of new records and so on, including a new record by Wouter van Veldhoven, tapes by if, bwana and emerge, Takahiro Mukai, slit 7″ by church of hate and *L* from Berlin about death by thallium poisoning and a tape by amor (also from Berlin and Spain) as well as a new single from ‘the last hope of russian underground’ containing a sex toy from author’s collection, also remembering deceised Alexandr Lebedev-Frontov listening to his release on our label made couple of years ago, and hoping for more in the nearest future, if we all stay alive and not get depressed too much, u know.


anonimous stories from deep russia + furrr
rombix looped + news from belarus from special reporter sasha gudeeva
*express english lesson*
takahiro mukai
if, bwana + emerge
wouter van veldhoven
dolphin hospital (from the upcoming split with marble!)
rachel bonch-bruevich
outro by dolphin hospital feat john budrow

nazlo records