Don Campau- No Pigeonholes episode 10, focus on Audiofile Tapes

If you are not a fan of Don Campau’s loose, but encyclopedical approach to the hometape movement that shook the earth in the 1980s, well, then you must be a fan of some other shows we have here on Radio On. We love you all the same, you and your ears.

The new show by Don is a fine addition to the growing amount of information on cassette culture. He informs about the releases, the persons involved, what they did then and what they do now, and play the musics as well. Tracks that document an era, but in some aspects also make one aware where part of the whole diversion towards off-music as we know it today, came from.

The tenth episode of Don’s No Pigeonholes is dedicated to the label Audiofile Tapes.

no pigeonholes audiofile tapes

Word to Don:
“Audiofile Tapes was run by Carl Howard from New Jersey and, to me, marked a high point of American underground cassette labels. Audiofile released several dozen tapes and many were to become hallmarks of the entire scene.”

His interview with Carl Howard, conducted in 2011, can be found on the Living Archive of Underground Music

Playlist: artist/ title/ label-source-year

NoMuzic/ Men Tall/ The Many teeth Of God/ audiofile cassette 1990
101 Crustaceans/ I Love Space/ Songs Of Resignation/ audiofile cassette 1989
L.G. Mair Jr/ The Home Of Beuno/ A Parallel Universe/ audiofile cassette 1993

Alien Planetscapes/ Cold Fusion #4/ Mysterious Black Dots/ audiofile cassette 1989
Mental Anguish/ A Mind Full Of Crack And Hatred/ Weed-B/ audiofile cassette 1992
Paradox/ Let Me Be Your!/ A Whole New Groove/ audiofile 1989

Klimperei/ Janus/ En Regardant Passer Des Temps/ audiofile cassette 1992
Josef K. Noyce/ In Praise Of Shakespeare/ Sings/ audiofile cassette 1987
Brume/ Excerpt/ Recifs/ audiofile cassette 1991

Wound/ Kaddish For Bergen Belsen/ Experiment/ audiofile cassette 1995
Jeff Carney/ Cloud #9/ Imperfect Space Journeys/ audiofile cassette 1988
Cancerous Growth/ Tendon/ Textures/ audiofile cassette 1989

No Pigeonholes episode 10 broadcasts all through October on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 01:00-02:00 and Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 20:00-21:00 Berlin time (-9 for Santa Rosa, Ca)

The No Pigeonholes radio show is a result of Don’s direct involvement with the cassette culture, the vast network of home-produced cassette exchangers that anticipated the internet, its social networks and the whole shabam of netlabels and free downloadable musicians. An attempt to archive the movement is in his Living Archive of Underground Music.

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