William Nurdin and Guests: Au Pays Des Merveilles – Choose your Destiny

Au Pays Des Merveilles is an itinerant Radio Show and could be considered as Nurdin’s personal barometer, a sonic report of his encounters during his travels and tours. The shows, therefore, offer also an insight in the various off-institutional DIY-scenes and the current state of audio/radio experimentations.

Episode #23 was recorded on September 18th, 2017 and July 10th, 2017 at L’Ecole (fr-54), in French territory.

William Nurdin guests were :

Emilie Skrijelj

Magali Dhyvert

Roger J.Thomas


This show evolves as a theatre play, moreover a chamber play where sounds from various instruments, voices played and manipulated by tape machines, a lonely radio station replace the actors. The recording quality is very clear and gives a listener the impression that the whole troupe is about to materialise before her or his very eyes. But that might be the result of your imagination.

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