William Nurdin presents APDM#21 – Let Go

William Nurdin’s APDM is an itinerant radio program. William arrives at places, finds like-minded people and a like-minded space; they tune in and play. Everything is possible, everything is allowed.

The original APDM sessions come to you as they are, live raw and upfront.

For Radio On William Nurdin mixes the sessions; he cuts and edits and an APDM Radio On version is born.

In episode #21 one can hear the ‘angst’ that came over France and western Europe after the terror attacks in Paris. The result is a monolith of free noise with elements of conversation, radio/tv voices and here and there even a song structure.

In this session you will hear :

Dave Phillips
Vincianne Sestito
Julien Thomas
Bastien Champenois
Romain Reot
Hérvé Marchal
Kevin Angboly
Teo Strauss
Julien Louvet
Joseph Szymkowiak
Dominique Laur
Gazdik Miliay
Snoeg Snoedal
Marie-Jay Le-Tetanos
Nom de Pays
Mr Hugues

Mix of  A Propos De Minos sessions

2016, February 29th @ Carogna – Bruxelles (be)
2016, February 22th @ Relax – Clermont-Ferrand (fr-63)
2016, February 15th @ CCAM – VandÅ“uvre-lès-Nancy (fr-54)
2016, January 11th @ CCAM – VandÅ“uvre-lès-Nancy (fr-54)
2016, January 04th @ La Chaou̩e РMetz (fr-57)

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