William Nurdin presents Au Pays des Merveilles #20 – In Front Of…


William Nurdin’s APDM is an itinerant radio program. William arrives at places, finds like-minded people and a like-minded space; they tune in and play. Everything is possible, everything is allowed.

The original APDM sessions come to you as they are, live raw and upfront.

For Radio On William Nurdin mixes the sessions; he cuts and edits and an APDM Radio On version is born.


In this episode you hear voices, objects, guitars, strange recordings, maybe kitchen noises or the TV. It all makes for an at times uncompromising or orchestral or epic or noisy or strangely poetic mix.

Listen and let it happen; it is architecture translated into sound, but architecture after the buildings have been built, used and left on its own.


Welcome to the periphery of capitalist society.


In this session you will hear

Violaine Lochu
Hugues Rheinert
Vincianne Sestito
Frederic Bernier
Julien Thomas
Hervé Marchal
Romain Reot
Yann Snuss
La Chaouée

Mix of this sessions of APDM :

2015, November 23th @ CCAM (fr-54) w/ V.Lochu, H.Rheinert, R.Reot, J.Thomas.
2015, November 16th @ Bruxelles (be) w/ V.Sestito, F.Bernier, Jean-Marcel.
2015, November 02nd @ Nancy (fr-54) w/ J.Thomas, H.Marchal, R.Reot.
2015, October 12th @ Caen (fr-14) w/ Yann Snuss.
2015, September 28th @ Gasperina (it) w/ V.Sestito & La Chaouée.

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