RETROGRADE by Alan Dunn and Manchester School of Art

Alan Dunn started his career here on Radio On with his plunderphonic joyrides of britpop, radiovoices and historical events. It had a taste of nostalgia, bliss and the ordinary, maybe the essence of British pain.

A new development in his contributions were the works he did with others, as an educator and an aritst.

Retrogade is a fine collage with a slight hint of 20th century science-fiction, and, surprisingly enough, it is also an artistic evolution of the close-to-life documentaries, shot with handheld camera that were introduced in the 1970s.

I wish I could have said this on your radio.

Word To Alan Dunn’s secretary

“Fourteen second and final year students from painting, print media, time-based and sculpture at Manchester School of Art spend two days with Alan Dunn recording, downloading, listening backwards and editing RETROGRADE:

retrograde (noun): a degenerate person;

retrogade (adjective): directed backwards, retreating; reverting especially inferior state, declining; inverse, reverse; movement opposite to normal or intended motion, often circular motion.”


Jess & Amy – Ukulele man
Daniel Johnston – I Am A Baby (In My Universe) (1983)
Tim – Exhale
Starwaders – Retrograde motion
Jess & Amy – Canteen
Alex – First contact (V0.2)


Under one second of Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire – The Doctor Who theme, BBC Radiophonic Workshop (1963)
Sarah – Sushi Night
Ravi – Final
Simon Reynolds from Retromania (2012)
Nathan & Emily – Click aeunnnengh


Tim – Alina
Abbie – Three love songs
Abbie – Harpheart
Abbie – I want candy
Kimberley – Returning from war
Alex – The big playback (V0.1)


Jess – Drums 2
Nathan & Emily – Final opera
James & Meghan – Breathing
James & Meghan – Guitar bus journey
Amy Field – Final
Jess & Amy – Basement


Abbie – Regret
Claire – Ladiesshouldnotputanythingintheirmouth
James & Meghan – Have you swiped your nectar card?
James & Meghan – Doors opening
James & Meghan – Outside
Abbie – These boots are made for walking


Jess – Drums and guitar
Jess – Coffee machine
Abbie – What becomes of the broken hearted?
Nathan – Jake interview
Jess – Vintage Shop, Piccadilly
Backwards talking girl Alyssa on the Today Show (2012)


Claire – Ladiesshouldnotputanythingintheirmouth (repeat)
James & Meghan – Comedy penis
Alex – No Direction (V0.1)
Abbie – Love songs, Harpheart and Candy (repeat)
Phoebe Phillips – Home Sounds
Nathan & Emily – The Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester
Tim – Exhale

In its first week of transmission (19 -26 Okt.) RETROGADE is scheduled twice a week at 15:00 and 21:00 Berlin Time (-1 for UK)

Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days.

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