William Nurdin and Friends – Au Pays des Merveilles #8

William Nurdin lives in the north east of France. He travels. He stays at home. He visits friends. Once a week he meets like minded people and transmits a radio show, basically the transmission of a sonic encounter.

Every week Radio On receives an edited version of this encounter. What happens? One cannot tell. There is instruments and non instruments played and non played. Recordings from the same day are mixed in.

It is not a jam, and not an hour of free-form noise.

It is a construct for everyone who has been to France, lives in France or has thought about France.

One aspect of the cultural heritage of France is the ability to combine the illusionist with science. Iron structures, opium clouds, mathematics and the cover of the Vogue. Big or petit bourgeois. Cinema, Paris or the Provence. The 19th century’s painters, absinth and the cruelties of the first world war. Paris1968 and the poet maudit.

Nurdin’s pieces not always make for easy listening. Some parts you have to work yourself through, yes some conscious editing could do the trick, put a bit of make-up, spray perfume. But should he?

Edition number 8 has a young woman talking. The image never becomes clear. You can try to look into the unfolding story, but it all happens behind windows. It is hard to get a clue.

It might be a story of passion and desire, or of lost passion and lost desire. It could be the story of someone who’s eyes you have met, for a very short time.

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