William Nurdin – Au Pays des Merveilles #9

Au Pays des Merveilles is the Radio On edit of William Nurdin’s travelling radio show callled A Propos de Minos. William goes places, meets up with sound makers and embarks on a sonic trip with unknown destination.
For Radio On he reworks the recordings and adds some location recordings to it.

Au Pays des Merveilles #9 was recorded in Club der Polnische Versager in Berlin Mitte, with Berlin sounds added to it. The result can be seen as a report that portrays a musician of the marginal kind on a visit to Berlin. We hear the typical U-Bahn sounds, snippets of conversation and two concerts that give an insight in the current Berlin underground scene that is split into a large free-jazz improv community and the more noisy division.

On this postcard from Berlin you will hear Origami Boe, Multiversal Ensemble, Depann’2000 and Underclouds Cie.

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